The War of Art

The War of art By Steven Pressfield

Do you ever feel like your dreams will never come true? Are you constantly searching for energy or motivation to get things done? Are you the type of person who always ends up putting things off until tomorrow?

 If you want to get something done today, Then  The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is a must read for you!

This book is an inspirational tool that can help anyone get motivated. No matter what dreams you are trying to follow, or what project you want to finish, the War of Art will help you stop putting things off and get working. 

One of the main reasons I want to write reviews is because of The War Of Art. Pressfields book has pushed me in a way that I have never felt before.

I write because I have a passion for it. I might not be a good writer, or a talented wordsmith, but it is what I enjoy. And if I can help inspire someone to follow their passions, all the better! 

 If there is anything in your life that you want to work on or improve, this book will help you do it. Whether it is a new business you want to start, running a D&D game, creating new habits, dancing, singing, painting, writing a novel, putting on a puppet show, making your own games, or any other creative endeavor. 

Whatever you want to work on, you can apply the teachings in this book to help you out.


Most of us usually allow “life” to get in the way of our plans and dreams. The War of Art tells us that “life” is actually our resistance trying its best to stop us from what we really want to do.

The ‘war’ that is in the title of the book is the war within yourself, the war against the resistance inside all of us.

Pressfield talks about resistance as an enemy that we have to fight every day. Resistance fights against us in many forms. Resistance is our procrastination, our excuses to put things off until later. Resistance is self-sabotage.

Pressfield says “Resistance’s goal is not to wound or disable. Resistance aims to kill. It’s target is the epicenter of our being: our genius, our soul, the unique and priceless gift we were put on this earth to give and that no one else has but us. Resistance means business. When we fight it, we are in a war to the death.”

This book had a profound effect on me. I learned all the ways that resistance can destroy a good idea or kill dreams so they will never be followed. 

I see now how much resistance I had allowed to come into my life. I see how I constantly let laziness and resistance win out over my passions and dreams.

 Pressfiled wants to help us maintain a mindset that will help us survive, adapt, and win the every-day battle, within ourselves, against our resistance.

The War of Art talks about becoming a professional. In this context, a professional is someone who works everyday to practice and advance their craft, whatever it might be. A professional is humble and hard working.

“The amatuer believes he must overcome his fear; Then he can do his work. The professional knows that fear can never be overcome. He knows there is no such thing as a fearless warrior or a dread-free artist.”

I learned that one must be very serious and dedicated to their calling in order to get anything done. I found that there is a vast difference between someone with a hobby they work on casually once a month and a serious professional who works on their craft every day.

I admire everything about this book. I have fought with depression and a lack of motivation all of my life, and now I know it is the power of resistance trying to kick my ass everyday. After reading this, I see how strong resistance is, and how much I have let it take over my life.

Pressfield teaches us about invoking your muse. You can call the muse whatever you want, inspiration, creativity, a guardian angel, a calling, or simply passion to work on something.

The muse is what takes over for you, when you continue your work. Whenever you feel like you are “in the zone,” that feeling is the muse helping you out. If you want to invoke the power of your muse, you’ll have to learn what this book has to tell us.

This book is an amazing motivator and an amazing resource to continue coming back to. If you ever feel lazy or unmotivated, The War of Art can help us get back on track. We could all benefit from knowing more about how to fight resistance and follow our dreams.

This is about taking your passion seriously, the reason you get up in the morning. The War of Art can be a serious and feel-good inspiration for taking your dreams seriously. If you feel the call to follow your dreams or advance your craft, this book is for you! 

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