Tell Your Story!

It's Uniquely Yours... Don't be afraid to tell It!

Resist the resistance. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Since every story has been already told before, you don't need to worry or beat yourself up about making things wholly original.

This is good news.

It frees you from worrying about being truly unique or inspiring. Creating something exciting will become natural if you write what you want to write. 

Your excitement and your passion will show through, and your players will feel that. It takes so much energy and effort to be totally and completely original.

It's better to tell your story in your own way and in your own voice. 

Working in your own voice and your own personal experience is what will make your story original. 

Put your personal touch on it. Make it how you want it. 

Write the story you want to enjoy, run the game you would want to play. 

Create the world you want to play in. If you enjoy it, other people will to!

No one can tell your story exactly like you can. Even if people are running the same pre-made adventure, yours will be told differently with your own flavor and character. 

No one will be able to tell it like you do. Add your own characters, worlds and ideas. 

Add to the adventure, add to the myth with your own personal spirit. 

Create your worlds, create that which draws you to the game. 

Follow your heart and passion that made you want to DM in the first place.

You have your own special voice. There is and always will be room for more stories. Tell yours. 

Tell your story because no one else can say it like you can. 

No one will be able to weave the tapestry of adventure and excitement like you do.

 Your voice is unique. Use it. embrace it. And above all, enjoy it.

Being a DM isn't just about running a game or knowing all the rules. 

Being a good dungeon master is being a story teller, a bard, a narrator, an actor and director. 

You channel your muse tapped into the primal nature of the story and myth that we all feel in our hearts.

Your call to adventure awaits! Answer it.

Thank You!

Here at we want to give our appreciation and support to gamers everywhere. Our mission is to inspire creativity and help everyone enjoy the best life possible.

If you are interested in learning all that you can about being a great Dungeon Master take a look at the DM's Aresenal.

Josh Wash

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