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The Gamers Guide to Life. A strategy guide for the real world


Why isn't there a strategy guide for life? Isn't this the most important game we will ever play? What can we do right now to start winning in the game of life? 

I'm writing what I call the Gamers Guide to Life becuase for most of my time here, I have felt directionless and useless. I am still scared to take action. Most of the time we allow fear and guilt to control what we choose to do instead of choosing something that sparks joy.

I know others can feel the same way. So this guide is for the nerds and gamers who want to see reality in a new way. This is for people stuggling to take control of their life and maybe together we can choose a better adventure.

seeing life as a game

life, in terms of a game, is intelligently desinged an open-world sandbox style game. You have a multide of choices and quests that you can take on and complete for your own character advancement. The choices you get are only limited to your imagination, just like a good tabeltop RPG. The more quests you finish, the more leveled up you'll become and more options will become open to you. 

Seeing life as a game means that we have to understand that life is not a linear quest. It will never be a game where someone tells you what to do and you simply do it. Beacause goals and desires for each character, each person, is completely different. 

Life is the only game where we will have the most control and the most options. This means we can make the game of life into any expereince that we want!

Character creation

We have to take control of life. When we take control, we have the power to create whatever character we want to be, and change our character when we don't like who we are at the moment. We only get one lifetime, however we have an infinite amount of possibilities about what kind of character we can be.

Taking control means we get to choose our own story line, we get to choose which quests to take that will actully make the game of life fun for us. We don't want to end up doing meaningless quests for other people or get stuck in a job that we don't want. 

The game of life functions best when you take control and make it work for you. Design the character you want to be and create the life of adveture that you want to go on. 

This Is Your Section title

You have to choose the meaning of your life. The quests and adventures that you want to go on. No one else can choose that for you. No game designer or dungeon master will never truly know what is in your heart of hearts. No one else can tell you what you enjoy and what you want out of life. No one else can decide what you want out of your personal gaming experience. Because the experience is different for each person.

You get to choose the life you want. You get to go on the quests and adventures that are only important to you.

We need to shift our thinking about life and see it an open wold journey. Life is the biggest sandbox that we are lucky enough to play in. We have to stop waiting for a manager, or a parent or, an NPC to tell us what to do and create a story and experience that is wholly unique to ourselves.

Life isn't linear, there isn't just one answer or just one meaning to find. That meaning is different for everyone. This is whay there are so many games, so many types of classes and characters because the gaming experience is just a little bit different for each player. 

Find the quests, and make goals that will serve your real life character in the best way at this moment in time.

Thank You!

Here at gamesmastery.com we want to give our appreciation and support to gamers everywhere. Our mission is to inspire creativity and help everyone enjoy the best life possible.

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