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If you are someone who devours content like I do, then NaN is my new favorite source of celebrity info and movie reviews.

NaN Writes about nerd news and pop culture. That includes comics, scifi, Gaming : video & boardgames, horror, anything you want to geek out over. Whatever content will bring you joy!

Take a look at this very nerdy site!

If video is your thing, they have in-depth celebrity interviews and podcasts here on YouTube!

Great gaming content!

“The Mandalorian” isn’t just successful because of the bigger name it’s tied to, but because it has everything a good show needs to be successful. Read the full article here.

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My current favorite review, and what I'm most excited about is this new game! Nerd alert news has great writing on games. I love a good board game just as much as the next nerd. Check out the review here!

princess bride game

photo-ravensburger games

After the Princess Bride movie came out they wrote an amazing book. The good parts version of course. If you are looking for another book to add to your huge pile of books to read, get the book here!

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