The Dungeon Master's Arsenal

Everything a great dungeon master needs to design, plan and run the most engaging campaign you have ever experienced.

The DMs Arsenal is a simple, easy to read series of checklists that will show you how to be a great game master. The Arsenal is a proven process to help you prepare, build and run your campaign as smoothly as possible.

 Being a good GM takes skill, patience, and a good sense of pacing while running a Dungeons and Dragons game. The DMs Arsenal is your foundation to a successful game with your players fully engaged. 

The player across from you is petting the cat, other players are throwing dice at each other. The party doesn't know where to go next. You're feeling stressed about how to move forward with the adventure. You might be worried about starting a new game and you have anxiety about what is going to happen or how the players will react to your next move.

That fear is normal for most dungeon masters, even the ones who have been playing for years. You never know exactly what your players will try to do during the next session. This is where the DMs Arsenal comes in! It is designed specifically to help you prepare your game and have the confidence you need to be ready your next game night.

Whether you're about to run your first campaign, or you're a seasoned game-runner wanting to deepen the experience for your players, the Dungeon Master's Arsenal will help you plan and run the most exciting and memorable Dungeons and Dragons campaigns! 

Your players will never forget the adventures that you run and will happily tell stories about your game for years to come. 

These lists are designed to help GMs running any tabletop RPG, not just D&D. 

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The DungeonMaster's Arsenal

Everything You Need To Know To Run The Most Exciting Campaigns Ever.

Get all three of our indispensable guides with "The Arsenal Bundle". A set of all three PDF booklets! You'll gain the confidence and expertise to run an exciting D&D session, build a living world, and run a complex multi-session campaign!



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The 24 List

Common Mistakes That Amateur GMs Make, and How To Avoid them.

Are you overwhelmed by information overload? Are you trying to learn everything quickly to become a dungeon master? Are you worried that your game won’t be perfect? Are you wondering how to run a game effectively?

If you apply the rules on this checklist you’ll have a clear idea on what to focus on and what to cut out while running a game. You’ll then have the clarity and insight to move forward with your adventure!


If you are a new dungeon master, this 24 list will be your first step in becoming a great DM with a campaign that players will love! This list will give you the basic fundamentals that creates an effective dungeon master.

Creating boundaries in life and at the table is a true sign of professionalism. This 24 list of mistakes will help you navigate around the many pitfalls that can occur during the game.

The 24 list will teach you how to be a more effective and exciting dungeon master. Hone your skills to focus on what is important to you and your players.

You’ll learn how to control and manage your game by working with your players.

You'll find proven strategies to manage players while running the game, and stop them from trying to destroy everything you have set up.

The 24 list does not teach you the rules from the books. These are points for the dungeon master to consider and practice while running a game.

If you are overwhelmed with too much advice and information you can start simple by getting The 24 List! Start a new dynamic way of playing today!

Session Creation Checklist

Now you can get past the anxiety and fear of trying to plan something exciting for your next session!

Have you ever worried about what to do next during a game, or how to make sure your session runs smoothly? 

Are you wondering how to start when trying to prepare your next Dungeons and Dragons game?  Speed up your prep time and destroy writers block!

Defeat your anxiety about what to do next with this helpful tome!

The session creation checklist is what I needed most to get my adventures prepared each week. Getting this Session Creation Checklist put together helped me run smoother games without the awkward moments when nobody knew what to do next. 

This checklist is organized in a way that will add elements to your session to keep players engaged with your world while advancing your story.


A great dungeon master is prepared for anything. This session creation checklist is an essential preparation tool in a DMs arsenal.

This list will get you organized and prepared so your next session will kick ass. You'll wonder how you prepared without it!

The Session Creation Checklist will include:

  • Preparing obstacles and encounters to put in front of your players
  • involving players skills and abilities
  • Foreshadowing the storyline 
  • Keeping the players invested in the plot
  • Advancing the players backstories
  • Being creative and generating new ideas
  • Connecting one session to lead to the next
  • Great for planning one shots
  • And more! 

Each session is different with it’s own encounters, pacing, and flow. If we can embrace the differences each session brings us, the natural flow of a good story can evolve.

NOTE: This guide is designed to work in tandem with the Campaign Creation Checklist to help inspire you to add your own ideas and plans to your next game night. To get the full value, take advantage of our Dungeon Master's Arsenal Bundle!

Campaign Creation Checklist

If you're serious about organizing your campaign, planning ahead, and building a more believable world, this list is for you!

I was confused when I first tried to start my homebrew campaign. Where should I begin? Where do I want the players to go? How do I involve my players in the story and the action? How do I plan for what happens next?

This campaign creation checklist will get you on track and organized no matter where you are in the game creation process. If you follow the steps in this checklist you will have a solid foundation to build your next adventure!


I made this creation checklist because I was frustrated that the DM's guide didn't have a specific set of instructions for building my world, telling a story, or running the game!

This proven process checklist will help you cut through the clutter of advice for dungeon masters and get past information overload.

The items in the campaign creation checklist are general guidelines, ideas and pointers to help you navigate your planning process. 

This list includes insights on:

  • How to plan the story structure of an adventure. So you will never have to wonder where your story will go next.
  • Quick World building
  • Planning, and pacing for each session
  • Applying adventure hooks
  • Incorporating elements from players' backstories
  • Creating believable villains
  • The important components of an effective dungeon
  • And more!

    This is not a comprehensive list that goes into boringly exhaustive detail on every subject. This checklist was designed as a fast and simple process to help you get started creating your next campaign. If you take advantage of each item in this list throughout your adventure, you’ll have a well rounded and dynamic campaign that will keep your players engaged for weeks!

    NOTE: This guide is designed to work in tandem with the Session Creation Checklist to help inspire you to add your own ideas and plans to your next game night. To get the full value, take advantage of our Dungeon Master's Arsenal Bundle!

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